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Local Financial Experts Share Concerns about New White House Regulation with U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady

Local financial experts are concerned a new regulation from the Department of Labor will raise costs on American families and small businesses while limiting their access to sound financial advice to grow their retirement accounts. The group met with U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady whose committee, Ways & Means, is helping lead the fight against the so-called ‘fiduciary rule” regulation. Republicans in Congress acted to overturn the vast, complicated new regulation, but a vote to override President Obama’s veto of a bill blocking the new rule recently fell short. READ MORE

Conroe Courier: Annual Fourth of July Parade celebrates the ‘Music of America’

Get out your red, white and blue and get down to The Woodlands Town Center early Monday for the annual South County Fourth of July Parade, which will pay tribute to the music of America. Nearly 150 parade entries, including marching bands, fire engines, clowns, horses and floats, will travel from The Woodlands United Methodist Church, around and through Market Street, and then return to the church. READ MORE

Daily Caller: Congress Is Right To Keep Green Energy Riders Off The FAA Bill ?

The tax extender package passed in December was remarkably different than its predecessors because it made permanent a number of tax provisions related to capital expensing and left out many of the corporate welfare carve outs that narrowly benefit certain industries at the expense of others. This December package laid the important groundwork for comprehensive tax reform, which House Ways and Means chairman Kevin Brady is currently leading. READ MORE

Final U.S. House Benghazi Report: The Obama White House and State Department Failed to Protect Americans in Benghazi

“Today’s report confirms then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama White House failed to understand Libyan extremism and our diplomats’ security needs before, during and after the attack. Americans should be outraged at the failure to send military help to Benghazi, at this White House’s continuous obstruction of the investigations and that only one --of the many terrorists-- involved has been brought to justice.” READ MORE

Conroe Courier: Brady, Ryan push ‘Better Way’ for tax reform

“It will take less from taxpayers at every income level, because Washington takes too much of your hard-earned dollars,” Brady said, promising the plan will “make it easier to save for retirement and grow the local economy.” The plan essentially tries to do three things: simplify the tax code, promote job and economic growth, and reform the Internal Revenue Service. READ MORE

Monday Morning Memo Podcast: June 27, 2016

In this week’s special edition Monday Morning Memo, Congressman Kevin Brady lays out the House Republican Better Way blueprints for replacing our broken tax code and ObamaCare. One of the key components – the Healthcare Backpack -- comes from Rep. Brady’s 50 Ideas to Improve Health Care developed following a listening tour in District 8. READ MORE