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U.S. Daily Review: Senior Republican Previews Obama’s ACA Speech.

“After months of Obamacare failures, the American people deserve to hear the facts from the President—not more rosy rhetoric about how the law is supposedly working. It’s clear that Obamacare continues to hurt more Americans than it has helped. This law has put Washington at the center of our health care system—driving up costs, driving down quality, and driving out choice and competition. While Democrats try to spin Obamacare’s ongoing failures, Republicans are proposing real solutions to finally ensure the American people have a health care system that delivers high-quality, affordable care.” READ MORE

Monday Morning Memo Podcast: October 17, 2016

In this week’s Monday Morning Memo podcast, Congressman Kevin Brady explains why elections should be a contest of ideas, such as the Better Way. The Ways and Means Chairman also takes on why the Department of Labor’s pending overtime rule is terrible for workers, the latest round of IRS targeting on a Texas tea party group, the President’s back door “Obamacare” for your retirement and this White House’s continuing efforts to ignore Congress and the courts to bailout ObamaCare insurance companies. READ MORE

Conroe Courier: Brady briefing: America Deserves a Better Way

Elections shouldn't be merely a contest of personalities. They ought to be a contest of ideas. In November, voters have the opportunity to ask "which political party, which candidates have the best ideas to get America back on track?" Should we stay the course with this second-rate economy, cratering ObamaCare, and vulnerability here at home to terrorism and rising crime? Or is it time for a change? READ MORE