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Conroe Courier: Brady briefing: The federal budget made simple

The federal budget has two parts. The day-to-day spending is called ‘discretionary’ spending, It’s the smallest portion, just one-third of the overall budget, The bulk of this $1 trillion is America’s national defense spending with the rest being border security, transportation, education and the like. This is the portion of the budget that Congress votes on each year. The other part is huge, engulfing nearly two-thirds of the entire $4 trillion budget. It is called automatic or ‘mandatory’ spending because it’s determined by formulas and Congress doesn’t vote on it. READ MORE

Monday Morning Memo Podcast: September 26, 2016

In this week’s Monday Morning Memo podcast, U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady takes on the Obama administration’s plan to use confidential IRS data to harass Americans who legally chose not to sign up for ObamaCare, shocking citizenship fraud. READ MORE

Conroe Courier: Dozens attend 40 Days for Life kickoff rally

“40 Days for Life is about lifting up voices, hearts and prayers that life matters,” Brady said. “It’s peaceful. The prayers are full of love for the innocent unborn, the mom who is going through a tough time, and the people inside, including the doctors. “It’s about connecting with the community to have them think a moment about the innocent unborn.” READ MORE

Conroe Courier: Nonprofit aims to engage small businesses in government policy

U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady, R-The Woodlands, a former chamber of commerce executive, spoke at the presentation, supporting the JCN’s efforts and condemning the “red tape” that he said the government creates, making it difficult to run a small business in this country. Brady, who chairs the influential Ways and Means Committee, which forms legislation on taxes and trade, said that he has worked to reform the tax code and promote a plan to restructure the Internal Revenue Service. “We’re focused on creating a tax code built for growth (of businesses),” Brady said. “We want to make the tax code so fair and so simple that you can file on a postcard.” Brady believes that the work the JCN is doing to get small business employees informed and engaged is vital in enacting reforms of the system. READ MORE